23 Oct 15 015

There are several types of configuration in centrifugal pumps. The axis of rotation of a pump can be horizontal or vertical. This arrangement results in structural differences in the construction of the pump that are sometimes important, so that also the applications of the two types of construction are often different and well defined. Besides these, there are the submersible pumps; They are centrifugal and arranged vertically, and being surrounded by liquid, the problem of priming is eliminated.

Our pumps are specific to resist the abrasion of the liquid they pump, for this the interior of the pump body is lined with interchangeable rubbers, the impeller is also rubberized or lined with a special alloy. These pumps are oversized in terms of shaft, bearings, thickness, etc. to withstand abrasion.


– Submerged

– Horizontal

– Vertical

– Sludge pumps (special for dehydration of sludge in filter press up to 16 bar pressure)

GTM will advise in each case the type of suitable pump as well as the power and characteristics necessary for the correct operation.