Stripping Tower

The stripping tower allows the elimination of volatile components (VOCs) present in polluted waters. It is tailored to suit the flow rate and the types of pollutants to be treated.

The tower has a filling (packing) that increases the contact surface between air and water and distributes the fluid evenly over the entire section of the tower.

Contaminated water is sprayed from the top of the tower and cascades through the fill. The air flow, blown in from the base of the tower, crosses the water flow in a countercurrent throughout the tower, loading itself with the volatile pollutants.

Our standard stripping towers are used in groundwater decontamination or industrial effluent treatment applications. In the case of drinking water treatment, we can supply you with the sanitary compliance certificates (ACS) of the internal elements in contact with the treated water: packing, gaskets, HDPE or PP plates, pipes, separator …