Chemical product preparation / dosing systems

A 21 Dic 15 021


It is an equipment for the automatic and continuous preparation of the chemical solution. The volume of the tanks and the continuous action of the agitators guarantee a homogeneous mixture and an adequate time for a perfect dilution.

Flocculant preparation / dosing system: It is composed of a container of polyelectrolyte powder, which through a dispenser falls by gravity to the preparation tank, equipped with stirrers, and then the homogeneous mixture passes to the maturing tank, where it will rest. When the system has a need for flocculant, it will come out of this maturing tank, and the machine will automatically start to produce the mixture again so that it is always available.

It is therefore an automated system in two containers, perfect for supplying the required mix continuously.

Powder product preparation / dosing system (calcium hydroxide, active carbon, filtering earth …)

Active carbon slurry preparation / dosing system